Medical Assistant as it enhances the skills and roles of the care tea

Medical Assistant as it enhances the skills and roles of the care tea.

Overview of our health activities

The first mission of these Italian health doctors, physiotherapists and nurses took place from 16th to 29th June 2023 in Bujumbura and Gitega and consisted of contact and observation of the various public health problems in Burundi in general and more specifically in at Clinique Prince Louis Rwagasore.

A second mission of Italian health professionals is planned from 7th to 14th October 2023 for clinicians identify and discuss problems caused by or related to health problems jointly identified by local health professionals of Clinique Prince Louis Rwagasore.

Our action plan:

Specialized training activities related to the main health issues:

  1. Maternal and child health, primary health care; Ophthalmology, Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine – Prevention of diseases focusing on diabetes and hypertension – General surgery
  2. Prevention of diseases by promoting physical activity, Organization of sporting events to raise awareness among the population to carry out screening and training activities on the main diseases such as diabetes and hypertension and a correct healthy diet.
  3. Activation of basic telemedicine projects, especially the establishment of a center for asynchronous teleconsultation which provides specialized advice remotely
  4. Participation in research projects in collaboration with the University of Burundi in the field of the application of new technologies for the improvement of the health of groups that are in vulnerable situations from a social, financial or health perspective focusing on mothers and children and subjects with chronic pathologies

What area would you like to volunteer in?

La Fondazione FVN is looking for medical specialists, nurses, and professionals in psychological and emotional assistance to support vulnerable populations, especially children and women.

The Fondation Vénuste Niyongabo (FVN) is a non-governmental organization under Burundian law, approved in 2022.

FVN is based on mutual aid and solidarity. Volunteers are an essential part of the Foundation, and their contributions are essential to achieving the Foundation’s goals.

The main objective of the foundation is the promotion of quality education, human development is all about a better human conditions health, with particular attention to vulnerable people. The area of operations will start in the first 5 years with five provinces, including Bujumbura, Bujumbura Mairie, Kirundo, Makamba et Muramvya.

In conclusion, if you are a motivated professional and want to join the FVN Foundation, we invite you to contact us and apply as a volunteer.

For more information on volunteering, you can contact Dr. Sandro Pasotto at 3398945841 or write to:

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