About Us

Our history

Our history is based on the champion Venuste Niyongabo. He is a great figure in the sporting history of Burundi and in the world of Sport in general for having achieved a memorable victory by taking the gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the first and only Olympic medal in Burundi.

Although he resides in Italy, he continued to be a good citizen and a patriot always ready to serve his country for a socio-economic recovery in synergy with his fellow citizens, being strongly committed to the field of solidarity and open to international collaboration.

It is from this sporting experience and this propensity towards humanitarian and development works that three other people joined this gold medal and began to work together in order to achieve the same goals. All of them also agreed that the Foundation should bear the name and surname of this nationally and internationally renowned sports star: Venuste Niyongabo.

About Us

We are a charitable foundation called “Fondation Vénuste Niyongabo – FVN”. It is a non-governmental organization under Burundian law recognized since 2022. It is the fruit of the work of four people with common goals and determined to work together for the promotion and development of quality education, good health for all, and integral human development with particular attention to vulnerable people. The foundation’s registered office is located in the municipality of Bujumbura, the economic capital of Burundi, in the municipality of Muha, Kinanira II district, Avenue Limbas n ° 12. The activities of the FVN extend over five provinces, namely: Bujumbura, Bujumbura Mairie, Kirundo, Makamba and Muramvya.

« To do good always in the name of solidarity » is the motto of the Foundation. It is a motivation that drives all members to commit themselves through concrete actions so that the good spreads everywhere, bearing in mind that the privileged target of our actions is the vulnerable person.

The Foundation has management tools, action plans, monitoring-evaluation plans as well as a rigorous periodic reporting system, which permit it to have an overview of the progress of its projects. Our intervention areas are: health, education, environment, strengthening of economic power, sport.

To do good always in the name of solidarity.









Our Mission


The mission of the FVN is to contribute to the improvement of quality of services, infrastructures and means in the sectors of education, health, rural development and environmental protection for a sustainable socio-economic development


The vision of FVN is a prosperous Burundi in which socio-economic conditions are promoted, in particular for young people and other vulnerable groups, and in which the environment is well protected with a view to sustainable development, culture of peace and social harmony.


The main targets of the Foundation focus on the four strategic axes and namely consist in the following activities:

  • Promotion of a quality education in Burundi;
  • Contribution to health system strengthening;
  • Participation in the environment protection;
  • Contribution to the development of the rural economy;

Our Organization

The good and proper functioning of the FVN is guaranteed by the following four organizations:

The Board of the foundation

The Board is the supreme body of the Foundation. It has the widest decision-making powers. It defines the general policy and mission of the Foundation. It has a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and two directors elected from among the founding members or their descendants. For the first term starting from the date on which the Foundation was recognized by the competent authority, the Board of the Foundation is composed of the founding members.


The Internal Control Body

The Internal Control Body is made up of three members: a President, a Vice President and a Secretary appointed by the Foundation's Board.
Its task is to supervise the material and financial management of the Foundation's assets and reports on its mission to the Board members at each session. It also checks the regularity of the execution of all the decisions of the Board of the Foundation as well as the compliance with the rules of the Foundation itself.


The Managing Director

The Managing Director has the following powers:
ensures the execution of the decisions and recommendations of the Board;
defines, in principle, the annual action plan and ensures its implementation;
submits an annual report on the Foundation's activities and finances;
guarantees the daily management of the Foundation's staff and assets;


The Auditor

The Auditor is responsible for:
- verifying the regularity and correctness of the Foundation's accounts;
- ensuring the reliability of the annual accounts, the control of the financial management of the Foundation, the keeping of the accounts according to generally accepted accounting principles and according to uniformly applied practices and procedures.